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Back To Work (again) and Gender Neutral Pricing!!!!

So excited, so anxious, so thankful to be getting back to work after, yes our 3rd and hopefully last lockdown! As our amazing citizens do their part in being vaccinated and slowing down the spread of yet another variant, you can’t help but feel such a strong sense of community and its moral obligation to one another, so we can get back to ‘normal’. THANK YOU ALL!

This year certainly has shown us how important it is to be inclusive, whether you are Muslim, Gay,Straight, Aboriginal, Asian, Black, you get the point….Its been a very challenging year as our population has witnessed the divisions that are still prevalent in our very own backyards.

With all that being said, we have felt, this is a perfect time to introduce our clients to ‘Gender Neutral Pricing’. Why? Simply put, why should one person pay more for their haircut (or less) just because of their gender?…

Services now will be priced according to the length, density and time that it takes to do the desired look. For some, the prices will go up, yet go down for others. Fair across the board! This is being adopted in our industry with open arms and will be the new normal moving forward, after all it’s 2021!

Looking so forward to seeing everyone again. Our soft opening is scheduled for June 30th, 2021 which was moved up by the Province. Please note, it takes the industry about 2 to 5 days, just to re organize our bookings and about 6 weeks to catch up with our backlog!

At this time, we welcome everyone back with open arms, we thank you for your patience and loyalty during these very unusual times. Stay positive, stay kind and most of all stay safe!

See You Soon,

Team Beauty On Bank

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