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Time for a Change

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

After over 40 years behind the chair, I am having to step back a bit and let our amazing staff service my clients more. I will be limiting my standing for health reasons as the wear and tear has caught up to me. This saddens me, but I have to look after myself as I will turn 60 soon!

That being said, I am

extremely confident that Jelena or Dawn will take over the majority of my client base. I will be only working Thursdays and Fridays, unless there is an improvement in my legs.

We are more than aware that it can be hard to change stylists, especially after many years, but know that I take great pride in hiring some of the best, most devoted hairstylists in the Ottawa region!

Accordingly, we are currently looking for a new stylist to fill the time that my chair is vacant.

If someone you know is looking to relocate, please let them know we are looking. The candidate must be provincially licensed and have strength in colouring as well as cutting both men and women’s hair.

Thank you in advance for your understanding of this matter and know that Team Beauty On Bank is always there for you!

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