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Hair Loss and Scalp Health

Traditionally, as hairstylists, our industry tells us that fashion trending is the 1st rule to follow, then technique. Good advice, however how do we include the masses in this if the rise of hair loss cases are not addressed at some level?

Lisa Grant has dedicated her career to find viable solutions to thinning or total hair loss.

Today medical universities are finally looking into the correlation of hair loss and general health, menopause, as well as mental health and coronary disease.

At Curenza, we have directed our research to hair stem cell. It has so many functions in the skin and in the organ, that produces hair, the hair follicle. We are proud to have specialists that represent the end product in our industry here in Ottawa.

Beauty On Bank has an advanced group of stylists focusing on scalp health. If the scalp isn’t healthy, neither is the hair, and it is more difficult to colour/cut/style what you don’t have. Women have forever been chasing the reasons behind widening parts, skinnier ponytails and “peach fuzz” at the temple. Some topical creams and shampoos have been ineffective. Most give up and hypothesize that there are no answers and that it’s just “natural ageing. Itching, redness, pain and fear are the constant complaints we hear in the salon and apart from using professional cleanser, most stylists are without answers and send you off to your physician’s office who basically say it’s nature’s way. They are less concerned, at least to them, it’s not life threatening.

We say it is, we understand the complaints and we have many resources to help you find the answers.

Call or book online to have a scalp consultation and treatment with Lisa or Shelley.

Scalp treatments
Scalp health before treatment

Scalp treatment
Scalp health after treatment

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