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Protein VS Olaplex- Damage Repair Showdown

When it comes to repairing hair breakage, words like protein, keratin and Olaplex are thrown around. But what do they mean, and how can they help? 

The hair is 70% made up of a protein called keratin. When hair is damaged from heat or chemical treatment, it starts to feel limp, stringy, and has noticeably less elasticity. Applying a

rients that they need to reconstruct themselves. However, if hair is overloaded with protein, it can be equally as damaging. It can leave hair feeling coated, dry, and brittle, so make sure to not overdo it with protein treatments!

Talk to your Beauty on Bank hair stylist about a protein product regiment suited for your particular hair issues! We are the South Ottawa hair experts after all!

The structure of the hair contains disulfide bonds. These bonds hold the hair strands together and maintain its integrity. Disulfide bonds can be broken during chemical services, but they can also be broken from everyday wear and tear like brushing and heat styling. 

Olaplex is the only product on the market that contains one active ingredient that repairs these broken bonds; a carbon chain Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol. This ingredient creates an ionic and covalent bridge between two single sulfur hydrogen bonds (the broken disulfide bond). We know these are big chemistry words but essentially, when the product itself is rinsed out, this little bridge between the bonds is what remains. Olaplex restores the integrity of broken, damaged hair by healing the foundation of the hair strand. 

So to break it down, keratin is the protein that your hair is craving, it eats it right up to compensate for the missing protein! Olaplex is the scientific wonder that heals the broken bonds that make up your hair’s foundation. So if you’re suffering from damaged hair, a combination of a protein treatment and Olaplex is exactly what you need to achieve the length and strength you desire.

You can get all of our favourite keratin and Olaplex products online (Click here) or in store at the best hair salon in South Ottawa - Beauty on Bank Hair Salon! We'll see you at your next hair salon visit and until then, you can catch us on social media @beautyonbank Cheers, The Hair Specialists at Beauty on Bank Hair Salon in South Ottawa

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